Cashfor Gold And Silverkings in Connaught Place Delhi

It goes without saying that Connaught Place is truly the heart of Delhi. A great environment not only for working but also for shopping, eating and have a luxurious time. This place features many great modern facilities, including the magnificent Georgian style Architecture which never goes unnoticed.

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Connaught Place or CP as abbreviated by millennia features countless places to go to and have the most wonderful time of your lives. Some of them are as follows:

Palika Bazaar

The most popular place is Connaught Place, this market expanse is underground and has a vast variety of stores and retail outlets. From garments and footwear to belts, books, and electronics, this underground plaza has it all.

It is famous for its pocket-friendly prices and the variety of commodities it facilitates people with. You can also visit your nearest Jewelry Buyer in Connaught Place to get instant cash in return for your precious items and do not have to wander for change.

PVR Rivoli

This famous theatre in Connaught Place also finds its mention in the works of the famous author Ruskin Bond. During those times, CP was all about cinemas and theatres, featuring silent films, plays, ballets, etc. even before the modern establishments and market complexes there existed. Yes, even before many restaurant chains there.

The Rivoli is a very popular theatre house and is the best to catch up with the latest releases of Indian and world cinema and be on par with the evolution of Bollywood and Hollywood.

Gurudwara Bangla Sahib

This is one of the most famous and biggest places of worship for people from all around the world and from all religions, faiths, and beliefs. People brim up here not only to pay their respects to the almighty but also to bask in the glory of the culture, architecture, and food there.

Words aren’t enough to speak on all the wonders Connaught Place has, but make sure to at least check these places out and experience things never expected.

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