Cashfor Gold And Silverkings in Shadipur (Delhi)

Located in South West Delhi, Shadipur is one of the most visited locations in Delhi. Due to its proximity to Patel Nagar, this place receives visitors in hundreds every day. This is why we decided to open our store here and to give our customers a wholesome experience. If you find yourself next time here, make sure to visit the following places to get the best experience of the place.

Rock Garden

There are many gardens in Delhi. If you are looking to Sell Gold shadipur contact us. Some are famous because of the history associated with them and some are famous for being in proximity to famous places. Amid all these parks, a rock garden near Shadipur stands alone. This park is a heaven for those who are looking to spend their time in the lap of nature. The cleanliness of this park coupled with various rock structures

Saturday Market

One of the most popular markets in East Delhi, this market witnesses a huge crowd every Saturday. The day is the key here, being a weekend, many people take the advantage of their holiday. The market offers a great variety of products at the most affordable prices. This is why it is considered a heaven for middle-class people. Make sure to visit this place to buy cheap but quality products for your family.

Shri Satya Dharam mandir

This temple dedicated to Radha and Lord Krishna is most famous among locals. Every Sunday locals gather here to perform bhajans and kirtans. This place becomes most beautiful around Janmashtami when locals decorate the temple with the most beautiful rangolis and flowers. If you are looking to get instant cash against gold shadipur contact us.

We hope you will like these places and do not forget to give us a review.

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