Cashfor Gold And Silverkings in Shankar Vihar(Delhi)

Located in Delhi Cantonment, Shakar Vihar is predominantly an Indian army residential colony. It has a lot of attractions which attracts hundreds of visitors daily.

One such attraction is best Gold Buyer Shankar Vihar, Cashfor gold and silverkings. Below are a few of the attractions that you can visit.

Buddha Jayanti Park

One of a Kind park, Buddha Jayanti Park is dedicated to the Lord Buddha and his teachings. A grand statue of Lord Buddha in the middle of the park is a centre of huge attraction. The park is full of greenery and has a great variety of Flora. The park also has an artificial lake that attracts a lot of migratory birds. There are many stones in the park that contain the teachings of Lord Buddha.

Air Force Museum

The Defence of India is considered one of the best. The contribution of the Indian Air Force in this defence is probably most important. With the advent of technology, it is believed that the most powerful country is the country with the best air attack. The Indian air force has contributed its important part in the wars that India have fought. This museum showcases our planes that have served our nation. To make our customers witness such museums we decided to open our store here so that you can Sell Gold Shankar Vihar and visit it.

Shankar Vihar Park

The biggest park in Shankar Vihar, Shakar Vihar Park is the most famous park among the locals. This park gives an excellent place for families to organise picnics and spend their time. A well-maintained track is made for those who like to start their day with a run or a brisk walk. The park has a section, reserved for children, with many swings and rides. All the swings such that children remain perfectly safe and sound. The park is also famous for organising Ramleela and Vijayadashami. Visit this park with your family or friends to refresh your mind.

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