Cashfor Gold And Silverkings in Geetanjali Enclave (Delhi)

Located in one of the most high-end localities in Delhi, Geetanjali Enclave is one of the cleanest localities in Delhi. It was this cleanliness only that made us open one of our stores here to give the best experience to our customers. Geetanjali Enclave offers so many options to the visitors that it always has a deluge of people. Below are a few of the places that you can visit if you ever find yourself here.

Bijay Mandal

In the fourteenth century, when the national capital was under the Tughluq, Delhi was divided into four parts. If you are looking for Gold Buyer Geetanjali Enclave contact us. One of these parts was Jahanpanah. Tughlaq rulers built great forts here to protect themselves from the Mongol attack. One of these structures was Bijay Mandal. The place is so huge and complex that it is better to ask locals for the entry gate without getting lost.

Khirki mosque

Built by the Prime Minister of Feroz Shah Tughluq, this mosque is one of the most famous mosques in Delhi. Justifying its name, the palace has hundreds of windows and more than 80 domes that make it the best structure for ventilation.

Satpula bridge

Built by Muhammad bin Tughluq, this bridge is known for its architecture and science of way beyond its years. Before the construction of this bridge cum seven walls, Delhi was facing an acute shortage of water and the threat of invasion from Mongols. Muhammad bin tughluq dealt with both the problems with a single blow by making this structure that acts as a fortress and irrigation site at the same time.

Select city

The largest mall in Delhi is just a couple of minutes' drive from the Geetanjali enclave. The mall is known for its wide collection of high-end products, food chains, and gaming zones. To get instant cash against gold geetanjali enclave contact us. The mall looks at its best whenever there is a festival around the corner.

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