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Agriculture is the backbone of our country. Even after seventy years of independence, sixty percent of our population is dependent on it. Baramati is one of the largest exporters of grapes and sugar. Known for its sugarcane crops, Baramati has abundant groundwater. Being such a place, Baramati has many temples. The place is very close to all who like to take a peek at our culture. Being an important part of many Kingdoms in the past, Baramati has many historical sites too. The place is well connected to various other parts of Pune and has a very nice management.

People also love to visit it to Sell Gold in Baramati at Cashfor gold and Silverkings to get the highest price for their gold. Let us see a few of its attractions that people love to visit.

Shri Kashivishweshwar Temple

This 750 AD temple is situated on the banks of river Karha. The temple is dedicated to lord Ganesha. The temple is known for its magnificent architecture and is visited by hundreds of people daily. The temple finds its mention in many of the Baramati writers. It is advised to visit this temple in the morning or evening to give a refreshed feeling to your mind and body.

Siddhivinayak Temple

The temple is one of the two Ashtavinayak temples in the Indian state of Maharashtra. The temple is famous for its idols. It is the only temple where the trunk of lord Ganesha is bent towards the right. The temple is famous among the students as it is believed that worshipping here imparts knowledge. A perfect place to visit after selling your gold to the best Gold Buyer in Baramati to enjoy and celebrate.

Jejuri Temple

A temple with historical importance is believed to be the place where lord Shiv killed the demons Mani and Malla. The place is visited by Shiv followers in large numbers every year and it is decorated beautifully for the occasion of Mahashivratri.

Do visit these places if you ever get the chance to visit Baramati. We hope that you will enjoy your stay and do not forget to give us your reviews.

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