Cashfor Gold And Silverkings in Paharganj (Delhi)

Filled with hundreds of foreign and Indian tourists, Paharganj is one of a kind place in Delhi. Its narrow lanes, food stalls, cheap hotels, and various shops have made it the best tourist place in Delhi. With proximity to New Delhi Railway station, Connaught Place, and old Delhi, it has become a hub of multiple activities. People come here to stay in cheap hotels or buy cheap products from the market or eat delicacies.

People also come here to visit Cashfor gold and Silverkings to sell gold Paharganj. Below are a few of the other places that you can visit here.

Chandni Chowk

Yes, the famous Chandni Chowk market in Delhi is just a couple of minutes drive away from Paharganj. Many people come to this market to shop for their wedding. The place is also famous for its Paranthey Waali Gali where some of the best Paranthas are served. Many famous celebrities including some of the famous politicians and freedom fighters have come here to taste them. The place is extremely crowded during the weekends as tens of thousands of people come down here to eat or shop.

Sitaram Chole Bhature

Probably the most famous Chole Bhature in Delhi, Sitaram is famous for being awarded the best street food in Delhi. The place also takes pride in hosting some of the well-known personalities from the field of politics and Bollywood. Even after all this hype, the place still sells Chlole Bhature at the same price as other normal vendors.

They treat their customers with humility and take care of them. The space is very large and after receiving customers in such a high number, you will always find enough space to eat.

Sadar Bazaar

How we can miss this market when we are talking about Paharganj. One of the largest markets in Delhi, Sadar Bazaar is rightly called the market of common people. You will get everything that you can ask. for at the most affordable price. This is why we decided to open one of our store here so that people can sell gold to the best gold buyer Paharganj while shopping for other products.

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