Cashfor Gold And Silverkings in Madangir (Delhi)

One of the most famous places in South Delhi this place has a plethora of places to attract hundreds of people daily. Located in proximity to the biggest mall in Delhi and some of the historical structures, the place is known to everyone in Delhi. All these reasons made us open one of the stores here to give our customers the best experience. We have shortlisted a few of the locations for you to visit if you ever find yourself here.


Built by the infamous Mohammad bin tughluq in the fourteenth century this palace is known for its architectural beauty and advanced scientific approach for that era. If you are looking for a Gold Buyer Madangir give us a call. During the Tughluq dynasty rule, Delhi faced an acute shortage of water. With consecutive draughts, it became really important for Delhi to conserve water. During such time, Tughluq decided to build this dam-like structure to channel the water of the canal to this dam.

Garden of Five Senses

One of the most beautiful and famous parks in Delhi, Garden of five senses is a crown jewel of Delhi. Known for its beautiful gardens and structures, this palace is the most romantic place for couples to hang around. The place has also become a hub of various social and political activities.

Select City Walk

The mall that takes pride in being the largest mall in Delhi, Select City Walk, is just a couple of minutes' drive away from Madangir. The mall is so beautiful and so well designed both from the inside and the outside that it will make you feel as if you have been deported to some foreign country. The mall is also famous for its range of high-end western products, gaming section, food court, multiplex etcetera. If you are looking to get instant Cash Against Gold Madangir give us a call. The place also becomes vibrant whenever any festival is around the corner.

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