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Can I Sell Gold Without A Bill?

This is a common question that people have in their minds when they go to sell their jewelry. This is because not everyone has their bills with them at the time of the transaction and there can be different reasons for this. Read ahead to know how you can sell your precious metal articles without a bill and still get the highest cash for gold on them.

The Common Dilemma

It is needless to say that precious metal ornaments have become more than just fashion objects for people. Most of them buy their jewelry to keep them as their long-term financial investments. Because after all, they have such a high value and demand in the market that they can get great returns from them whenever they need it.

Because of this, their items remain unused and stacked away in their lockers for a long period of time. And in the hectic and busy work schedule of today, it is common for people to forget the track of their old transactions and bills. Hence, when they want to sell their items, it becomes an issue for them.

Cash For Gold

The Solution

With professional and experienced gold buyers such as Cashfor Gold and Silverkings Pvt Ltd, you can easily sell your jewelry items without the bills. Because they do not care about those old pieces of paper.

They only care about the true value of your articles. Hence they properly evaluate your possessions in front of your eyes with the best industry-quality devices and testers possible. They check your articles’ karat value, purity, composition percentage, weight, etc., and give you the value that you truly deserve on them.

Other small and local pawnshops and dealers might only rely on your bills to find out the value of your items depending on their quality and age. But we do not. We give you the highest returns on your items after proper analysis.

We are here to solve your problems, not create them.

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