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Why Hallmark Is Important In A Jewelry Item?

Many buyers recommend having the hallmark stamp on the precious metal ornaments and accessories before selling them. You must have also heard many people tell you the importance of a hallmark stamp on such an item. So why is it important? Read further to find out how it helps you get the best cash against gold.

The Stamp

The hallmark is a stamp on the jewelry item that tells you its purity, karat value, composition percentage, weight, type, and quality. Without it, you will be unable to know the true quality and value of the prized accessories that you are buying.

It is always recommended to have the stamp on the article without diving into buying or selling it.


The Catch

The problem that many people face even though they have the stamp on their items is that they have incomplete or false information. Sometimes there is the wrong karat value or percentage number that the local sellers use to make an illegitimate profit on the ornaments.

Also in some cases, if an item is gold plated instead of being a solid precious metal, the hallmark does not indicate that, and out of misunderstanding, people end up buying that item. And then the plating’s karat value ends up being printed on the hallmark which adds more to the problem.

The Solution

Even though it is always recommended to look for the stamp on your jewelry before buying them, it is best to get them tested at the nearest gold buyers in Delhi NCR.

Especially the professional and experienced firms such as Cashfor Gold and Silverkings Pvt Ltd, use the latest industry-class testers and machines to properly evaluate and test those articles and determine their true value for you.

By doing this, not only will you be able to know your possessions better, but also be able to get the best deals along with the highest returns on them.

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