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How To Sell Your Jewelry For The Best Price

Evolving at such a rate in this domain for over twenty years, previous customers have given a satisfactory response and we have emerged since then. Silver leaving a sparkling effect, has frequently gained more popularity as it’s an affordable option in comparison to gold and diamond. Also, the asset can be redeemed in any part of the world.

cash for silver

Cash for Silver

CASH FOR GOLD has made into the top notch silver buyer in the Delhi -NCR region. The moment you feel that you lack in terms of updated silver jewellery, what is better than this option of selling your ornaments at such a trustable place with full assurance of deals. We have so far come across a long way, fulfilling the expectations of each of our customer.

cash for Silver

Moreover, our company has some policies which are very convenient in comparison to other vendors as we don’t involve paperwork . The payment is done through cash, cheque and NEFT.

Even there’s no rule of minimum purchasing. Where would you get such policies with a lot of co- operation ? I guess nowhere.


cash for gold

The range of SILVER JEWELLERY vary from silver chains, bracelets, anklets, cufflinks and pendants . No matter how old the silver item is, you just need to contact the staff and follow the whole procedure. Elaborating about the procedure the silver jewellery first gets evaluated in the initial stage, further on it goes through carat machine and other chemical process performed by the experts. We are available 24×7 and you can contact us through our website and can go to your nearest branch.

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Cash For Gold
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